Sunday, 1 May 2011


You've already seen the pair of shoes i had on my OOTD and the bag, both from Primark and i must say i am impressed with my hauls everytime i grab my shopping from there.

If you're not from the UK, you may not have heard of it, its kinda like the Forever21 or H&M but cheaper and just as fashion forward.

My brogues, although not real leather and all, don't look too shabby and only cost me a mere £12, my bag's quality does look a bit cheap upclose but it does the trick and i cant complain cos it only cost me £6. i also picked up this set of rings for only £2:

and this set of aviators and its cute polkadot case, only £3:

other items like tops and other clothes can cost from a mere £8 to up to £20 for the nicer pieces. on sales we see items from £2 to around £6. I'm all for budget shopping what with me being a cheapskate and chinese lol, so i'm not too fussed as long as it looks okay. What's your take on budget shopping and what sort of budget shops do you frequent?


  1. Ahh- I love when folks do Primark hauls. <33 I think that's one of the many stores I'd love to visit when I finally fly over the pond n' visit family. :]

    Anyway, that ring set is genius. <33

    As for bargain shopping, that's my specialty. Only in the past few years have I begun actually going for full-price/'expensive' items at all, thanks to Macy's and H&M. Haha. (Although, they have some AMAZING sales, too, thankfully.)



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